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Nathan Jones 



Training Philosophy

My mentality is very much to stay dedicated to a goal and, if I want something, I will see it through to the end. The gym soon became my passion, and along with a new group of friends we decided to enter a powerlifting competition; just for fun to keep us motivated, to train harder, and to improve our diet. Long story short, I won! This was so cool especially when I was just a novice and a teenager. Competing quickly became my motivation to keep training, keep getting better, so I set a goal to break the world bench press record for my weight class. Sadly I came up short, ten pounds under the world record, but things will be different next time I step onto the platform.

Another passion of mine is developing; educating the masses! I love helping people and sharing my knowledge, whether it’s in the gym, at a seminar, or a competition. I want to inspire and motivate people of all ages, to share the importance of the consistency needed in both training and nutrition.

My Clientele 

Although I help adult men and women reach their goals, fat loss, full body transformation, strength building, and muscle gains, I choose to specialize in teen athletes. There are millions of personal trainers around the world, however, there are only a few who are successful in training teens 13-19. It's easy for a trainer to get results from clients when they are in their prime 19-35, but very few of those trainers can obtain even minimal results with younger teens. This is what seperates me from everyone else, I understand how to get the same results these adults are getting from middle school and high school athletes without the need of suppliments. 


Anyone can make these claims but I can back it up. Take a look at my physique and my power lifting stats, this would be impressive for most adults, now take into consideration that I am fourteen years old.  Let me take what I have learned from the best trainers around the world and use that knowledge to help you reach your goals.